Class Schedule, SP16

Dr. Sachs’ Class Schedule,

CAOT 85, Spring, 2016

MONDAY, 02/08/2016 First Day of the Semester.  SAM Training for Chapters    1 & 2 Available Online Download and/or read all available Etudes Resources, plus every document listed in the menu at the top of this page (except for “Dr. Sachs’ Background” and “Looking for Sachs Scientific”) on or before this date.
MONDAY, 03/07 Dropbox MUST BE SHARED with             Dr. Sachs by midnight tonight** See Dropbox Information link at top of page.  15-point loss if this deadline is not met.
SATURDAY, 03/19* SAM Chapters 1 & 2 Minor Exams due Best Practice: Spread out your work! Don’t wait for the last minute to finish everything, and don’t do it all during the first couple of weeks.
SUNDAY, 03/20* First Major Exam, Chapters 1 & 2 FIRST MAJOR EXAM
MONDAY, 03/21 All SAM Training for Chapters 3 & 4 Available
SATURDAY, 03/26 First Dropbox Homework SUBMISSION date. All homework for Chapters 1 & 2 must be uploaded by midnight.  Uploading files before this deadline is encouraged.
SATURDAY, 04/30* SAM Chapters 3 & 4 Minor Exams due Finishing on earlier dates is encouraged.
SUNDAY, 05/01* Second Major Exam, Chapters 3 & 4 SECOND MAJOR EXAM.
MONDAY, 05/02 All SAM Training for Chapters 5 & 6 Available Look carefully at the next Dropbox Homework Submission date.  It involves THREE chapters, not just two.
THURSDAY 05/19 Second Dropbox Homework SUBMISSION date.  Note this time you are submitting for THREE chapters.  You will NOT be submitting Chapter 6 homework files.  But you must DO the work anyway to prepare for the Final.  You WILL BE responsible for the training for Chapters 5 & 6. All homework for Chapters 3, 4, and 5  must be uploaded by midnight.  REMOVE anything from Chapters 1 & 2 before this date.  Uploading files before this deadline is encouraged.  You will NOT be submitting Chapter 6 homework.  But you must DO the work anyway to prepare for the Final.
SATURDAY 06/04* SAM Chapters 5 & 6 Minor Exams due. ALSO, ALL SAM TRAINING FROM THE ENTIRE SEMESTER IS DUE TONIGHT Not only are Ch. 5 & 6 Minor Exams due, but also all training from the entire semester must be completed no later than tonight.  See the Syllabus  for details.
SUNDAY 06/05/2016* Final Major EXAM (Cumulative exam on Chapters 1-6, with primary emphasis on Chapters 5 & 6) FINAL EXAM
*Exam Date.  Some of these are for Minor Exams, and some are for Major Exams.
**Your Dropbox must appear on Dr. Sachs’ internal Dropbox Sharing list by this date.  You get your Dropbox on this list by offering to Share it with him, as described in the Dropbox Information page of this website.  As long as you have offered to Share it online with Dr. Sachs no later than this date, you will lose no credit for missing the deadline.  Dr. Sachs may accept your Share offer after this date; that will not result in a credit loss to you.
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