Dropbox Information, SP16

The Shared Dropbox Folder


This section will tell you about creating a Dropbox account, and then, within that account, creating a Shared Dropbox Folder.  It will also tell you what to put in that folder and when to submit it.

There are various things you will be doing for the class.  These include:

  • Textbook Assignments;
  • Online Training;
  • Minor Exams; and
  • Major Exams.

Of these, the only things you will submit via our Shared Dropbox FolderShared Dropbox Folder are the Textbook Assignments.  Because online training results, scores for Minor Exams, and scores for Major Exams are sent to me automatically by the SAM website, you are never responsible for reporting them to me.  Most of these SAM scores do NOT appear on your SAM display, but I post them at appropriate times during the semester.  When I do so, they are coded by the last several numbers of your Student ID numbers, so they are confidential.

 By the way, sometimes the SAM site will indicate to you that you have not completed a training exercise even though, right when you finished and submitted the training, you got on-screen confirmation from SAM that you did complete that exercise.  100% of the time, if you get on-screen confirmation from SAM that you did complete the exercise, then your credit WILL show up in my records, even if the computer lies to you and tells you that you do not have that credit.

 Creating Our Shared Dropbox Folder

If you already have a Dropbox account, you can skip directly to the TO CREATE A SHARED DROPBOX FOLDER instructions lower on this page.  Otherwise …

To Create a Dropbox Account

If you do not yet have a Dropbox account, follow these instructions exactly.  They will create a free account for you, and you will also get 500MB extra free storage space, beyond the default free allocation.  One part of this account will be used for our class; the rest is yours to use as you see fit.  After the semester is over, you will be able to continue using your entire Dropbox account, free, for whatever else you wish.

  1. In your web browser, go here:  http://db.tt/H3TbUEDo.  Do not just go to Dropbox.com to create your account; it would produce a more limited account.
  2. Fill in your information.  It is CRITICAL that you remember the password that you key in when creating your account!  Write it down somewhere you will definitely be able to find it later.  You will need this to submit textbook homework for credit.
  3. Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
  4. You have just made your free Dropbox account with an extra 500 MB storage!  But there’s more to be done …


Your Dropbox account can have several folders in it.  Now, you need to CREATE A SHARED DROPBOX FOLDER NO LATER THAN THE DEADLINE DATE PUBLISHED IN THE CLASS SCHEDULE that you will share with me and only me.  You will use this folder to submit textbook homework, so you must not share it with any other person.  Here’s how:

If you are currently in your Dropbox account, exit it (get out).  Whether or not you started within your Dropbox account, continue with these instructions:

Go to www.Dropbox.com.  (Do not try to create a shared folder from inside your actual Dropbox folder in Windows.  Go “fresh” to the Dropbox.com website instead.)

On the left side of the screen, click on SHARING.

Near the upper right corner of your screen, click on the button called NEW SHARED FOLDER.

Ensure that the radio button for I’D LIKE TO CREATE AND SHARE A NEW FOLDER is selected.

Now you’ll name and create the account, then share it with me:


For the following example, we are assuming that the class is CAOT 85, that the semester is Spring, 2016, and that the class’ section number is 7013.  If your class differs from this, please make the proper adjustments.  So, in the NEW FOLDER NAME box, type this (please NOTE the hyphen and the exact locations of the spaces):
CAOT85S16-7013 Yourlastname Yourfirstname Yourmiddleinitial

Please NOTE that there are spaces in the required name structure, and that there is no period after the name.  It is important that you follow these instructions exactly.

For example, if your name is Fred Happie Jones, then you would name your folder exactly like this:  CAOT85S16-7013 Jones Fred H

Another example:  If your name is Gohar Katchatryan, and if you have no middle name, then you would name your folder exactly like this:  CAOT85S16-7013 Katchatryan Gohar

Click NEXT.

In the INVITE MEMBERS TO THIS FOLDER box, key this e-mail address into the box:


Then click SHARE FOLDER.

NOTE:  You may get an e-mail from Dropbox asking you to verify your e-mail address before you can share the folder.  If you are asked to verify it, do it.  IF Dropbox has asked you to verify your e-mail address, then after you have verified it (and received confirmation from Dropbox that it has been verified), you will probably need to GO BACK to attempt to share the folder again.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail once I have “accepted” your invitation to share the folder.  Sometimes this acceptance may take a few days.  I usually begin accepting invitations shortly after the semester begins.

There is a DEADLINE for sharing your Dropbox folder with me.  Find that DEADLINE in the Class Schedule for this semester.  You will lose credit if you do not meet the deadline.

cannot accept shared-folder invitations unless the folder names are formatted as required in the NAMING THE NEW SHARED FOLDER instructions above.

Instructions on how to name and prepare your homework files that are to be placed in this shared folder appear in the separate document on this class website.  It’s called, PREPARING YOUR HOMEWORK.  You will want to refer to this document frequently over the course of the semester.

As I said above, you can use your new Dropbox account for tons of “regular” stuff that has nothing to do with the class.  Just check out the Dropbox website.

You will be able to get all of the publisher-supplied HOMEWORK FILES that you need for this course using Dropbox.  It’s easy.  See the Getting the Publisher’s Homework Files link at the top of this page.

A Final Note:  The SAM website, which has nothing to do with our shared Dropbox and that we use for testing and training instead of textbook homework, has what they call a “dropbox.”  We do NOT use the SAM dropbox in any way for this class.

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