Getting the Publisher’s Homework Files, SP16

How to Get the Publisher’s Homework Files

At certain points in the textbook (particularly when working on assigned homework), the textbook directs you to open a preexisting file.  Sometimes, these files are ones you created yourself earlier while doing your homework, but more often, they are files that the publishers themselves created for you.  Once you download them, you operate on these pre-existing files as part of your homework..  To see what I mean, look at this example of how the textbook directs you to open a preexisting file:

In Excel Chapter 2, go to Page EX 122 and look at the Instructions following the Note.  The Instructions begin like this:

 Run Excel.  Open the workbook ACI 2-1 Janeese Crystals…

The textbook just named the publisher-supplied file you need to open (ACI 2-1 Janeese Crystals) to do the homework assignment.

Where will you find this file?  Where will you find all of the publishers’ student files?

Before using this technique to get the files you need, ensure that you have already established your Dropbox account and our Shared Dropbox Folder.  See the Dropbox Information link at the top of this web page if you haven’t already done this, then come back here.  Do NOT forget to come back here to continue reading this web page!

AFTER you have a Dropbox account, you can use the following to download all the homework files directly into your regular Dropbox folder.  Note that you should not download these files into the Shared Dropbox Folder that you share with me.  The publisher’s homework files are to be kept on your computer for your own use.  Click the URL below or copy and paste it into your browser:

Your computer will take you to a special shared Dropbox that has all of the publisher’s preexisting, prepared homework files for this semester.  In the upper right corner of your screen, click on the DOWNLOAD button, then choose Add to my Dropbox or Save to my Dropbox.  Easy, right?

After you have downloaded all of these files, make COPIES of them.  When doing your homework, you should always work on copies rather than on originals.  That way, if you mess one up, you can re-copy the original and start with a clean slate.  You may wish to leave the originals in your Dropbox, and create a CAOT85 Homework folder on your desktop where you put and work on those copies.

NOTE that sometimes you may find a publisher homework folders that’s empty.  Don’t worry about that.  This download will give you all the files you need.  If a folder is empty, then there are no publisher files for that chapter.  Simple, huh?

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