The Readiness Checklist, SP16

The Readiness Checklist, Spring, 2016

Are you really ready to begin the class?  Here’s a checklist.  Some of the things lower in the checklist require that you have already done earlier things.  For example, there’s an item about setting your screen resolution.  You will know how to do this if you have taken care of all the prior (higher) items.

  •          I have read and understand everything in the Welcome Letter, Spring, 2016.
  •          I have checked my enrollment papers or the LAVC Portal to ensure that I have actually enrolled in the correct class.
  •          I have installed the free, newest Firefox browser from
  •          I have located and logged into my student e-mail account (ending with .edu) (see, and I have ensured that the Admissions Office of Los Angeles Valley college has a correct, current, frequently-checked personal e-mail address on file for me.  Don’t worry that this LAVC web page might have “Office 365” logo on it.  The student e-mail system may use some Office 365 components, but it won’t install or mess with Excel 2013.
  •          I have arranged for the use of a PC-type (NOT “Mac” or “Apple”) computer for the duration of the semester.  I have also arranged for high-speed internet access for my computer.  And I have arranged for wired, rather than wireless, internet access to use during exams.  NOTE:  Major Exams can NOT be taken on campus since they happen late Sunday evenings.
  •          I have looked at the special page for LAVC online students ( .
  •          I have obtained (or at least ordered) all of the materials needed for class by choosing and ordering the correct Textbook Bundle, as described in the Welcome Letter.
  •     I have created my SAM account. All the information you need to establish your SAM account correctly is in Your SAM Account, a link to which is at the top of this page.
  •          I have committed to checking the Etudes Announcements and Private Messages daily (including weekends) once the semester is under way.
  •     I will revisit the site on the first day of the semester to ensure that I become aware of any tweaks made to the site before its official first-semester-day launch date.
  •          I have posted an Avatar on Etudes.  (Well, this one’s not critical, but I’d truly like you to do this.)
  •          I have ensured that I have the most updated, free Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player software for my Firefox browser by going to .
  •          I have memorized (and written down) my usernames and passwords for:
    •    My SAM Account, and
    •    My Etudes Account, and
    •    My Student E-Mail Account
  •         I have cleared my calendar for the Sunday evening exams listed in the syllabus by clicking on the link called CLASS SCHEDULE.
  •          I know how to and will unquestionably set my screen resolution for at very minimum 1024 x 768 (or higher numbers) for work in Microsoft Office EVERY TIME I do any work for the class.

If you have taken care of all of this, YOU ARE READY!


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