Your SAM Account, SP16

Your SAM Account for the Spring, 2016 Semester
(and our Institution Key)

SAM 2013 (sometimes just referred to as “SAM”) is vital to this class.  All exams must be done on SAM, and all online training is also done on SAM.  (There are other kinds of training, too; online is just one kind.)  The link to get to SAM is:

You need to do specific things before you can use SAM 2013 properly for our class.  They are:

  1. Ensure that you computer has the free Firefox browser.  For SAM, it is important that you use this instead of Internet Explorer or Chrome or Safari.
    1. Sam should be run on a PC (not on an Apple or Mac computer) with the Firefox internet browser.  Most students who use Firefox to run SAM have no problems with the computer interface.  If you try to use another browser with SAM, you may have SERIOUS PROBLEMS, some of which may cause you to fail exams.
      You can download Firefox free at  Just click on the “Download” button (it usually appears with a green background) to get Firefox.
      Please do NOT try to run SAM on Internet Explorer or on Google Chrome.
    2. Because SAM is an online simulation, it can technically be run on an Apple/Mac.  However, the textbook instructions assume a PC, and the actual, non-SAM homework is to be done on a PC.  So:  Just work on a PC.
    1. For those running Windows 8 or later:  SAM 2013 will run on Windows 8 or later as long as it is the FULL PC version, and not one of the lesser versions such as RS/Surface/Tablet.  So DO NOT RUN SAM on a Windows 8.0 or later tablet or other reduced-footprint version.
    2. Laptops are okay as long as you’re running Firefox and using a WIRED (not wireless) internet  connection.  SAM will run fine on earlier versions of Windows, too.
    3. Section “8F” below has more information on getting your computer settings right to ensure that SAM 2013 runs optimally.
  2. You must obtain your individual 18-digit KEY CODE so you can establish your SAM 2013 account.  If you buy the entire textbook bundle, this SAM code comes automatically inside the bundle. To get just the SAM code (if you already own or will purchase the textbook elsewhere), go directly to the SAM site ( and, on the left side of the opening screen, click the Sam Access Code PURCHASE button.
  3. You must have your own code; the codes cannot be shared.  (If you already have an active account you had created for another, previous class in a version of Excel earlier than 2013, you will not be able to use it since this class is in Excel 2013.)
  4. Now follow the directions that you get with the SAM 2013 key code to begin establishing your account.  One of the pieces of information you will need is:
  5. Our INSTITUTION KEY, which you will need only once to create your SAM 2013 account, is:  T2054479.

  6. When you create your SAM account, you will be creating a password.  It is VITAL that you memorize your password for your new SAM account.  I also recommend writing it down somewhere, perhaps in blood, so you can definitely get to it if you forget it.  The password is NOT the same as the 18-digit SAM Key Code (which you only need once).  Without that password, you will not be able to take any exams or do any of the online training.
  7. After you have established your account, you still must ENROLL INTO OUR CLASS SECTION within SAM.  To do this, inside your SAM account:
    1. In the upper left corner of links, click:  SECTIONS.
    2. Now click the blue button:  JOIN A SECTION.
    3. Now click on your section.  For Spring, 2016, choose this one:
      CAOT 085 Online, Section 7013, Dr. Sachs, SP16.

    4. Now select this section by clicking once on the right-pointing blue arrowhead.  This should move the name of the section into the right box called, “My Sections.”
    5. Now click the blue SAVE button.  You’re now hooked into our class.  The Class Schedule on this ( website will tell you when the SAM trainings will become available and when the SAM exams are due.
    6. Tech Support for and Questions about SAM.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  If you have questions about the SAM set-up, then contact SAM tech support directly (free, of course) after you have established your SAM account.  Once you are logged in to your SAM account, one of the several ways to get to SAM Tech Support by going to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the small, white “Technical Support” link.  I am not in a position to offer technical support for SAM; please work directly with the SAM people for SAM technical support.
    7. Your Minor (no Major) Exams will involve what are called,  “SAM Paths.”  I intend to set things up so that, after your take a Minor Exam, SAM will offer you supplementary, compensatory training on the areas that you missed on the exam.  There will be an Announcement in the Etudes system before the first Minor Exam becomes available explaining all of this.
    8. SAM TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND SUPPORT VIDEOS:  Go to the following website (you can just click on the link if you wish) to get SAM technical support and lots of great how-to-use-SAM videos:

      1. NOTE that some of those videos do not apply to our class.  For example, we currently do not employ the SAM Projects in our class, but there’s a video showing you how to deal with them.
    9. As noted, SAM has some elements that we do not use during the normal course of our class.   Don’t worry about these unless I make a special Etudes Announcement about them.
    10. Remember:  To get to the SAM website, go to or click HERE.

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